Fiction (Scroll down for Graphic Novels and Comics and Non-Fiction)


     Abbs, Annabel  "The Joyce Girl
     Ahern, Cecelia  "The Book of Tomorrow"
     Alvtegen, Karin  "Shadow"
     Anglada, Maria Angels  "The Auschwitz Violin"
     Armstrong, Kelley  "Bitten" (Women of the Otherworld series: Book 1)
     Atkinson, Kate  "Life After Life"
     Atwood, Margaret  "The Handmaid's Tale"
     Atwood, Margaret  "The Penelopiad"


     Baggott, Julianna "Pure"
     Bardugo, Leigh  "Six of Crows" (Six of Crows duology: Book 1)
     Bardugo, Leigh  "Crooked Kingdom" (Six of Crows duology: Book 2)
     Bennett, R. William  "Jacob T. Marley"
     Black, Holly  "White Cat" (Curse Workers series: Book 1)
     Blake, Kendare  "Three Dark Crowns" (Three Dark Crowns: Book 1)
     Bracewell, Patricia  "Shadow on the Crown"
     Bradbury, Ray  "Something Wicked This Way Comes"
     Bronte, Charlotte  "Villette"
     Brown, Dan  "The Lost Symbol"
     Butcher, Jim  "Storm Front" (The Dresden Files series: Book 1)


     Caine, Rachel  "Glass Houses" (Morganville Vampire series: Book 1)
     Caine, Rachel  "Ill Wind" (Weather Warden series: Book 1)
     Canavan, Trudi  "Thief's Magic" (Millennium's Rule trilogy: Book 1)
     Carriger, Gail "Soulless" (The Parasol Protectorate series: Book 1)
     Carriger, Gail "Changeless" (The Parasol Protectorate series: Book 2)
     Carriger, Gail "Blameless" (The Parasol Protectorate series: Book 3) 
     Carriger, Gail "Heartless" (The Parasol Protectorate series: Book 4)
     Carriger, Gail  "Timeless" (The Parasol Protectorate series: Book 5)
     Carroll, Lee  "Black Swan Rising" (Black Swan Rising trilogy: Book 1)
     Cashore, Kristin  "Graceling"
     Cashore, Kristin  "Fire"
     Christie, Agatha  "And Then There Were None"
     Christie, Agatha  "Crooked House"
     Christie, Agatha  "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" (Hercule Poirot: Book 1)
     Christie, Agatha  "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" (Hercule Poirot: Book 4)
     Christie, Agatha  "4:50 from Paddington" (Miss Marple: Book 8) 
     Clare, Cassandra  "City of Bones" (Mortal Instruments series: Book 1)
     Clarke, Susanna  "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell"
     Cline, Ernest  "Ready Player One"
     Cohn, Rachel and Levithan, David  "Dash & Lily's Book of Dares"
     Collins, Suzanne  "The Hunger Games" (The Hunger Games trilogy: Book 1)
     Connolly, John  "The Book of Lost Things"
     Courtland, Charlie  "Dandelions in the Garden"
     Crewe, Eliza  "Cracked" (The Soul Eaters series: Book 1)


     Defoe, Daniel  "Robinson Crusoe"
     Donoghue, Emma  "Room"

     Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan  "A Study in Scarlet"
     Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan  "The Lost World" (Professor Challenger series: Book 1)


     Egan, Jennifer  "The Keep" (Review Mini)
     Ephron, Nora  "Heartburn"
     Erskine, Barbara  "Daughters of Fire"
     Espeseth, Amy  "Sufficient Grace


     Farjeon, Jefferson J.  "Mystery in White"
     Faye, Lyndsay  "Dust and Shadow"
     Faye, Lyndsay  "Jane Steele"
     Faulks, Sebastian  "The Girl at the Lion D'Or"
     Fforde, Jasper  "The Eyre Affair"  (The Thursday Next series: Book 1)
     Fitzgerald, F. Scott  "The Great Gatsby"
     Flanagan, John  "The Ruins of Gorlan" (The Ranger's Apprentice: Book 1)
     Fluke, Joanne  "Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder" (Hannah Swensen Mysteries: Book 1)
     Fluke, Joanne  "Strawberry Shortcake Murder" (Hannah Swensen Mysteries: Book 2)
     Flynn, Gillian  "Gone Girl"
     Flynn, Gillian  "Dark Places"
     Flyte, Magnus  "City of Dark Magic" (City of Dark Magic: Book 1)
     Follett, Ken  "Pillars of the Earth"
     Forsyth, Kate  "The Wild Girl"
     Fowles, John  "The Collector"
     Frenier, Kurt  "The StudyTrain: Volume 1 - Reunion of the Untouchables"


     Geary, Debora  "A Modern Witch"
     Gee, Emily  "Thief With No Shadow"
     Giambanco, V. M.  "The Gift of Darkness"

     Haig, Matt  "Echo Boy"
     Haig, Matt  "The Humans"
     Harris, Charlaine  "Midnight Crossroad" (Midnight, Texas series: Book 1)
     Hawkins, Paula  "The Girl on the Train"
     Hill, Joe  "NOS4R2"
     Hill, Susan  "The Man in the Picture"
     Hill, Susan  "The Small Hand"
     Hill, Susan  "The Woman in Black"
     Hope, Anna  "Wake"
     Hope, Anna  "The Ballroom"
     Hosseini, Khaled  "A Thousand Splendid Suns"
     Hughart, Barry "Bridge of Birds: A Novel of Ancient China that Never Was"
     Huxley, Aldous  "Brave New World"


      Irving, Washington  "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
     Ishiguro, Kazuo  "Never Let Me Go"


     Jakobsen, Mette  "The Vanishing Act"

     Jensen, Liz  "The Uninvited"
     Jeter, K. W.  "Infernal Devices"
     Johnson, Maureen  "The Name of the Star" (The Shades of London series: Book 1)
     Jordan, Robert  "The Eye of the World" (The Wheel of Time series: Book 1)
     Joyce, Rachel  "Perfect"


     Kagawa, Julie  "The Immortal Rules" (Blood of Eden series: Book 1)
     Kagawa, Julie  "The Forever Song" (Blood of Eden series: Book 2)
     Kasasian, M.R.C.  "The Mangle Street Murders" (The Gower Street Detective series: Book 1)
     Kate, Lauren  "Fallen" (Fallen series: Book 1)
     King, Laurie R.  "The Beekeeper's Apprentice" (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series: Book 1)
     King, Stephen  "11.22.63"
     King, Stephen  "The Gunslinger" (Dark Tower series: Book 1)

     Laird, Elizabeth  "The Betrayal of Maggie Blair"
     Lancaster, Mike  "0.4" (Point 4 series: Book 1)
     Lassiter, Rhiannon  "Shadowland"
     Lassiter, Rhiannon  "Ghost of a Chance"
     Lawrence, D.H.  "Lady Chatterley's Lover"
     Levy, Deborah  "Swimming Home"
     Lord Brown, Kate  "The Perfume Garden"
     Lu, Marie  "Legend" (The Legend series: Book 1) (Review Mini)
     Lupton, Rosamund  "Sister"


     Maas, Sarah J. "Empire of Storms" (Throne of Glass: Book 5)
     Malerman, Josh  "Bird Box"
     Mann, George  "The Affinity Bridge" (Newbury and Hobbes: Book 1)
     Mann, George  "The Osiris Ritual" (Newbury and Hobbes: Book 2)
     Marion, Isaac  "Warm Bodies" (Warm Bodies: Book 1)
     Martin, George R. R.  "A Game of Thrones" (A Song of Ice and Fire: Book 1)
     Martin, George R. R.  "A Clash of Kings" (A Song of Ice and Fire: Book 2)
     Masters, Priscilla  "A Plea of Insanity"
     du Maurier, Daphne  "Rebecca"
     McIntosh, Fiona  "Odalisque"
     Melikan, Rose  "The Blackstone Key" (Review Mini)
     Miller, A.D.  "Snowdrops"
     Miller, Madeline "The Song of Achilles"
     Moning, Karen Marie  "Darkfever" (Fever series: Book 1)
     Moore, Christopher  "A Dirty Job"
     Moriarty, Christopher  "The Inquisitor's Apprentice"
     Mosse, Kate  "The Winter Ghosts"
     Mosse, Kate  "The Mistletoe Bride and other Haunting Tales"
     Munro,  Shelley  "The Spurned Viscountess"


     Ness, Patrick  "The Knife of Never Letting Go"
     Nicholls, David  "One Day"
     Niffenegger, Audrey  "Her Fearful Symmetry"
     Nix, Garth  "Sabriel" (The Abhorsen trilogy: Book 1) (Mini Series Review)
     Nix, Garth  "Lirael" (The Abhorsen trilogy: Book 2) (Mini Series Review)
     Nix, Garth  "Abhorsen" (The Abhorsen trilogy: Book 3) (Mini Series Review)
     Norfolk, Lawrence  "John Saturnall's Feast"


     O'Brien, Timothy L.  "The Lincoln Conspiracy"
     O'Farrell, John  "The Best A Man Can Get"
     Owens, Robin D.  "Enchanted No More"

     Paolini, Christopher  "Eragon"

     Pape, Cindy Spencer  "Steam and Sorcery"
     Patrick, Cat  "Forgotten"
     Paver, Michelle  "Dark Matter"
     Pinborough, Sarah  "Behind Her Eyes"
     Pratchett, Terry  "The Colour of Magic" (Discworld series: Book 1)



     Raybourn, Deanna  "Silent in the Grave" (Lady Julia Grey series: Book 1)
     Raybourn, Deanna  "Silent in the Sanctuary" (Lady Julia Grey series: Book 2)
     Reichs, Kathy  "Virals" (Virals series: Book 1) (Review Mini)
     Rice, Patricia  "Evil Genius"
     Riggs, Ransom  "Hollow City" (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series: Book 2)
     Riordan, Rick  "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 1)
     Riordan, Rick  "Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters" (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 2)
     Roffey, Monique  "The White Woman on the Green Bicycle"
     Rose, M. J.  "The Collector of Dying Breaths" (The Reincarnationist series: Book 6)
     Roth, Veronica  "Divergent" (Divergent trilogy: Book 1)
     Roth, Veronica  "Insurgent" (Divergent trilogy: Book 2)
     Roth, Veronica  "Allegiant" (Divergent trilogy: Book 3)
     Rothfuss, Patrick  "The Name of the Wind" (The Kingkiller Chronicles: Book 1)
     Rowell, Rainbow  "Attachments"


     Shamsie, Kamila  "Burnt Shadows"
     Shannon, Samantha  "The Bone Season" (The Bone Season series: Book 1)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Poison Study" (The Study series: Book 1)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Magic Study"  (The Study series: Book 2)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Fire Study" (The Study series: Book 3)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Storm Glass" (The Glass trilogy: Book 1)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Sea Glass" (The Glass trilogy: Book 2)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Spy Glass" (The Glass trilogy: Book 3)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Touch of Power" (The Healer trilogy: Book 1)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Scent of Power"  (The Healer trilogy: Book 2)
     Snyder, Maria V.  "Taste of Darkness" (The Healer trilogy: Book 3)
     Spring, Neil  "The Ghost Hunters"
     Steiner, Rob  "The Last Key"
     Stevenson, Robert Louis  "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"
     Stevenson, Robert Louis  "Treasure Island"
     Stiefvater, Maggie  "Shiver" (The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy: Book 1) (Review Mini)
     Stoker, Bram  "Dracula"
     Summers, Courtney  "This Is Not A Test"
     Swift, Deborah  "The Gilded Lily"


     Tartt, Donna  "The Secret History"
     Tremain, Rose  "Trespass"



     Verne, Jules  "Around the World in 80 Days"
     de Vigan, Delphine  "No and Me"


     Watson, S.J.  "Before I Go To Sleep
     Wells, H. G.  "The Island of Dr. Moreau"
     Weeks, Brent  "The Way of Shadows" (The Night Angel trilogy: Book 1)
     Weeks, Brent  "Shadow's Edge" (The Night Angel trilogy: Book 2)
     Weeks, Brent  "Beyond the Shadows" (The Night Angel trilogy: Book 3)
     Westerfeld, Scott  "Leviathan" (Leviathan: Book 1)
     Wilde, Oscar  "The Canterville Ghost"
     Wilde, Oscar  "The Picture of a Dorian Gray"
     Willig, Lauren  "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation" (The Pink Carnation series: Book 1)
     Wyndham, John  "The Day of the Triffids



     Yovanoff, Brenna  "The Replacement"


     Zafon, Carlos Ruiz  "The Angel's Game"
     Zan, Koethi  "The Never List"

Graphic Novels and Comics (Scroll even further down for Non-Fiction)


     Carroll, Emily  "Through the Woods"


     Gillon, Kieron  "The Wicked + The Divine: Volume 1 - The Faust Act"


     Knisley, Lucy  "Relish: My Life in the Kitchen"


     Nedvidek, Steve "The Jekyll Island Chronicles, Book One: A Machine Age War"


     Snyder, Scott  "Wytches: Volume 1"
     Stevenson, Noelle  "Nimona"
     Stevenson, Noelle and Ellis, Grace  "Lumberjanes: Volume 1 - Beware the Kitten Holy"
     Stevenson, Noelle and Ellis, Grace  "Lumberjanes: Volume 2 - Friendship to the Max"


     Vaughan, Brian K. "Paper Girls: Volume 1"


     Wiebe, Kurtis J. and Roc Upchurch  "Rat Queens: Volume 1 - Sass and Sorcery"
     Willingham, Bill  "Fables: Volume 1 - Legends in Exile"
     Willingham, Bill  "Fables: Volume 2 - Animal Farm"



     Binet, Laurent  "HHhH"


     Fey, Tina  "Bossypants"


     Heminsley, Alexandra  "Running Like A Girl"


     Krakauer, Jon  "Into the Wild"


     McIntyre, Michael  "Life and Laughing: My Story"
     Moran, Caitlin  "How To Be A Woman"


     Poehler, Amy  "Yes Please"
     Powell, Robert Andrew  "Running Away: A Memoir"